Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We're on vacation this week. We chose to just stay home. It's been really nice, actually. We live in a great place, it's warm, there's water, golf, good restaurants, we have a pool, air conditioning and comfortable beds! Just like a hotel, only we don't have to drive there and back!

We tend to vacation in July each year around our anniversary and have spent many of these vacations on the Oregon coast where the weather is a crap shoot. It might be mild, it might be cool, but either way it isn't "summer weather" and we always come home saying "why did we leave THIS? The weather is perfect, we have everything we need and wouldn't have to drive there! People come HERE for vacation." So we tried it. We like it.

We have golfed, played in the pool, played at the park, spent some family time together, spent some couple time together, we're taking the boat out this evening for supper on the water, I have a massage scheduled for later this morning, and we're going to go see a movie this afternoon too.

True, it ain't no Wild Waves or Disneyland, but it's been nice. Casual. A slower-than-usual pace. I've liked it.

Another big bonus: babysitters are easy to come by!

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