Thursday, July 15, 2010


I really want to get out to the Lake to practice, but just to be safe, I want to take another (swimmer) with me so if something happens I have a back up. Unfortunately my gal JP was sleeping after a 12 hour shift last night and DW couldn't go (plus she's not a face-in-the-water swimmer) so I decided I would go to the outdoor pool for either the noon or 5pm swim.

Noon ended up being lunch with My Honey which is turning into a nice daily habit. Even when I work I can be up in time for lunch with him. So I swam at 5. In keeping with my earlier comment about pushing myself, I decided to step it up a little. Lately I have been swimming 10 laps, resting and then swimming 10 more. Tonite I just swam the 20 laps. Really, it's not much, it took me less than 20 minutes. It's a little over the distance of the race so it was good practice. But again, I finished and I was barely winded, and I don't find myself sore right now. It was nice that I found a good rhythm and the wind was blowing a little which made the water a tiny bit choppy.

I remember last year how it took me awhile to find a rhythm in the Lake. All those people, feet, hands and arms flailing all around me, the wind, the choppy water. Not what I had expected or anticipated. I remember stopping in the water, looking around me for a path and telling myself to pay attention to the water to find a rhythm. I couldn't make the rhythm like I can in the pool. It took a minute or two (because the swim only took seven minutes) but I found it. Me and the water. I also remember that I had to look at the shore for markers, I couldn't watch the lane lines on the bottom because there weren't any! So I would look at a tree, then the next tree or a pole or the bike racks. I have been thinking about that as I swam the past month, watching the windows at the indoor pool, not the lane lines. I am getting the feeling it is going to be a different experience this year than last. A good kind of different.

For tomorrow I am planning ... well, I hadn't made a plan yet. Bubba is at day camp again, Miss I is still in Portland so that leaves me with all day (except lunch hour.) I am thinking another ride around the loop (or two) would be good and maybe a run. I could actually do a bike-run brick which would be REALLY GREAT. And, since I will be getting to bed early-ish, I can get it done before it gets too hot.

Speaking of hot, summer is finally here! Its been warm, I've been working on my tan and I am sooooo happy about it! I spent an hour cleaning the pool out today, then a couple hours lying in the sun, dunking myself when I was too hot.

What a great day; breakfast with my boys, early bike ride, coffee with DW, lunch with My Honey, pool time, a swim, dinner with the boys, story time with Bubba and now a little more quiet time tonite while My Honey takes care of some stuff at work.

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The Loidhamer Family said...

Sounds great! If only we didn't have jobs, then everyday could be so good!