Friday, July 30, 2010


I got rid of something!
Six (6) bags of clothing and miscellaneous crap to Goodwill. Yay me, now I can go shopping! (Kidding!) But I didn't take a picture. It would have been a good one. Six white trash bags full, stuffed in the back of the Explorer.

Speaking of cars, we're in the market for a new-to-us truck. Something to pull the boat, haul kids and us at the same time, and maybe a load or two of gravel in the dump trailer. Oh yeah, and it has to have cruise control. We test drove one yesterday that didn't have cruise control. I know! How weird? Not only that, My Honey got the experience of his life at a Dealership.

Apparently the Dealership had hired a company (has anyone seen "The Goods"?) and they won't even tell you a price until you drive the car and "fall in love with it"? But wait! There's more, they have you sign a contract that you will buy the car if they can come up with an agreeable price. (They had no idea who they were dealing with.) My Honey signed the contract, but the price they quoted him was $4,000 above the blue book value (because he had researched it) which was not an "agreeable" price. The dealership was appalled! (Go figure.) My Honey 1, Dealership 0.

We'd rater go through a private seller anyway, and guess what? We might have found one. Same rig, one year older, less miles, full package (including cruise control) and a much more reasonable price. Yay for Craigslist!

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