Saturday, July 24, 2010

And I'm off

Back to work today. It was a very nice vacation.

We swam, we golfed, we boated (three times!!!) found a great little beach on the shady side of the river in the evenings and had picnics there twice. This morning it was on the SUNNY side so we had a great time and got a little burnt I think!

We did what the kids wanted; go to the park, fishing and see a movie. Such simple requests. We even did the touristy thing and went to Leavenworth where we had dinner and did putt-putt golf.

That was a fun day.
Good times :)

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LSL said...

Wow, what a fun vacation. There really is no reason to leave that area for a summer break.

Love your new look! And I'm so glad you got the button to work :)