Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Days to go

I didn't work out yesterday, but I got up today and considered a ride a run or a swim...

My Honey had the Explorer and the bike doesn't fit in the Jeep (I tried yesterday) so unless I wanted to ride from home (which I didn't) a ride was out. As for a run ... Eeehhh. I was wishy-washy, it was windy and I really wasn't in the mood. So, I checked the schedule for the pools. The indoor pool had a lap swim till 1:00 and the outdoor pool didn't start until 12:00. It was only 10:00 so I decided to head down to the indoor pool.

Keep in mind, I CHECKED THE SCHEDULE. I know the lap swim goes until 1:00. I head to the front desk to check in and the very nice YMCA employee reminds me that lap swim doesn't start until 11:00. DOH! Of course it doesn't, that is EXACTLY what the schedule said. Silly me, it's only 10:30. So I considered my options; Starbucks or home. I headed to Starbucks. I drove one block in that direction, turned around and went home, put on my new runners and went for a run. From home. Up the hill. In the wind.

One good part was the wind wasn't too bad and it's not too hot today either. I actually did much better on the run than I anticipated and I think I might even be able to do that blasted hill by the end of the summer. In fact, I actually thought "this hill isn't too bad" today as I walked the steepest incline. Weird.

Another good part was it didn't kill me. I am starting to wonder if I might be able to run most of the distance. Yeah, I know, its the last thing (swim, then bike, then run) but I keep wondering... Practicing on the hill has been a good thing. I might even keep it up.

THEN I went home and got in the car and went down to the pool for my swim. Noon is a weird time to swim. I was surprised at the number of older people (60's-80's). I had a good swim, came home, ate some lunch (or breakfast, really) and now I am trying to decide what else to do before work.

Oh, I know. Grocery shopping.

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