Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mo' photography

the August break

I cannot figure out how to link a badge to my blog. So blond sometimes! I am sure it's easy, logical even, but NOOOOO, I can't figure the stinking thing out. But I am going to try Susannah's "the August break". Sounds interesting. I like how other photography challenges have gotten me out there, and more over EDITING my photos.

Join me, link the stinking badge to YOUR blog just to show me how easy it is!!

** I tried (again) I even followed the directions in the "help" file, no luck. I think it's actually the layout design. Every time I change that it gets messed up too. Too bad. **

**** Stinking thing! Oh well, I chose a neat-o new background. Thanks for the tip LSL, I tried doing it as a photo (great idea!) and the html link thing too... ****

(and then ... I figured it out! Thanks again for the tip LSL! You rock! *sigh* my hero)


LSL said...

You've got it saved on your computer, right? So it's just getting it uploaded onto blogger? What about using the same icon that you use to upload photos? That will put it in a post. If you want it in your sidebar instead of a post, you can choose the "Add a gadget" and then the "HTML/Java" option. I think that should do it. ? (You have probably tried exactly this, but I just wanted to see if I could help!)

The Loidhamer Family said...

It's not you. Your "buttons" still don't work. I tried it, too, and I think her HTML is messed up. Usually, you just copy the HTML code and paste it in a HTML/Java Script gadget...