Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've had this craft project sitting in the garage for a year. I finally bit the bullet and let the kids do it. I was afraid it would make a big mess or be a hassle or both. Turned out that plaster of paris isn't that hard to work with and the mess wasn't too bad. Unfortunately it didn't take as LONG as I had hoped and I still had a whole day to fill.

In my opinion, its been a rough morning around here. The kids aren't getting along very well - I think we're all sick of each other - so I separated them. Bubba is playing Lincoln Logs at one end of the living room and Miss I is at the other with plastic people and animals. They aren't allowed in each other's space right now. Or mine for that matter! Then I turned on a CD (LSL, thanks again!) because its mellow and we all needed something mellow, and here we sit. As for the rest of the day ... No idea.

Tomorrow school starts so everything changes. I've been thinking I will see if Miss I can hang out at Grandmas for awhile when/after I take Bubba. We could all use the break :)

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LSL said...

Yikes. Glad it helped :)

We all have days like that.