Saturday, August 07, 2010


My back yard is turning out to be a great photography playground!

We were sitting around outside yesterday and this toy caught my eye, so I went in and grabbed my camera just to take it's picture.

Had a nice afternoon with my life-long friend and her husband. He and I were just getting our groove on, bantering back and forth like we used to do in the old days when they had to go. He left me with a "Bye, Miller." One of the few people that ever actually called me by my maiden name back then and he still does. It makes me smile every time!

Back to work today. Bummer deal because now Bubba has the fever-sickness that everyone else has gotten. My Honey was home from work most of the week with it and is still trying to shake it. Please let it not get me, I would go crazy with a fever that lasted for a week and not being able to leave the house!

Not only that, we are supposed to have company next week. My dad and his wife checked to see if they could come over early in the week and LK is coming over next Saturday. So lets get this household well!

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