Sunday, August 29, 2010


Summer is winding down, the August break is winding down. It's kind of like the week after Christmas. All the hype, gone. But I am left with some great memories, some really fun photos and kind of this itch to keep on taking pictures, well, editing them actually. That is what I get out of these photography challenges.

We ended up going to Chelan yesterday. The kids and I stopped for lunch downtown and then walked to the park with our dessert. We spent a couple hours with LK and her family swimming. I was a little worried the weather would be too cold, but it was just perfect. Well, if you weren't wet. Once you got out of the water it was a little chilly for a few minutes. We also went to the farmers market here in town. We got yummy blackberries and apples and they were doing face painting.

I call this one "Puppy Love":

Bubba kept with the camo/hunter theme:

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