Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two and One

Well, it's my last two night shifts. I will say this, it was FUN, FUN, FUN. Most shifts were chaotic, (which I like) very few had problems that we couldn't handle and there was so very little drama. Well, except that one day ("HELLO!!") because there was no administration around and it's just too busy for whining.

Unfortunately, the kids seemed to miss me a lot more this year than in past years. That meant when I called to say good night a couple times I got crying and "why do you have to work nights" kinds of things from them, but My Honey also happened to be sick that week so ... I will take that into consideration when I bid for my 2011 shifts. I am definitely keeping Thursday and Friday off tho if I can!

After we dropped off Bubba at Day Camp yesterday Miss I and I went and visited her pre-school. I just wanted to touch base and make sure she was good to go and get it paid for. Her teacher was happy to see her and confirmed everything was in order. I am considering a day of daycare a week, I really liked that last year. We shall see. It's an extra hundred bucks or so a month, not to mention the hundred or so bucks I will spend finding something to do.

October. Yesterday I leaned I am invited to go to Oregon with my relative-girls in October. It's the Fourth Annual Female Family Gathering. I didn't realize it was the FFG, but requested the time off because my MIL was going to be gone, so I have the time off, now I need to see if I can arrange some childcare so I can go too. It was relaxing when I went two years ago and such fun places to take pictures, and I have a cooler camera now! Imagine what I could come back with this year!

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