Thursday, August 12, 2010


More back yard photos today.

These ones happen to be new, I didn't have to go to the archives today. The one with the pine cones is completely unedited except for the rounded edges. No idea how I caught that shadow at the top of the picture, but I like it.

The other one is edited to boost the color. I like the way it looks sort of ghostly. Sometimes that is how I feel, like I am there but no one sees me. It's worked to my advantage MANY times, but left me feeling lonely a lot too.

It's the weekend and LK is coming over tomorrow! We're taking the kids to see Madi in the Short Shakespeareans production of "As You Like It." I am excited, really excited to take the kids to see their cousin perform. Must remember to get flowers!

Ideas for Sunday: Blueberry picking, boating, hanging out in the back yard playing in the pool. Any or all of those sound good to me!

** update **
I am using this ghostly picture for this week's Sunday Creative. The word is "ethereal" fitting, no?


Sievertsen said...

Hi.Like your interpretation of ethereal. Thanks for sharing.

gibknitty said...

love your ghostly photo.

Jamie said...

Love your ghostly photo- so cool