Friday, August 27, 2010


From this:

To This:

Final stop: jars!
I am feeling a LOT better today. I was not doing so well yesterday. Spend the whole day on the couch dozing off and on. My poor kids. I was useless to them. You need a drink? Go get yourself a juice box from the refer. You need a snack? Have whatever you want. Another fruit snack? Sure, no problem. Oh, you spilled juice all over the kitchen floor? Dad will clean it up later. I was in bad shape! Bless my kids for managing pretty well on their own. Playing pretty well together and not burning anything down or hurting each other too badly.

I'm off work till the 4th ... yay. Nothing to do but get ready for school, clean the house, can fruit, maybe go pick blueberries and possibly make applesauce if the apples are ready.

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LSL said...

I sure love those pics. The lighting makes them delicious and summery!

Everyone has days like you did. The kids survived :) I'm sure you'll get refreshed over your break!