Tuesday, August 17, 2010


*sigh* the last bits of summer. Swim trunks and knobby knees.

We're just a few weeks away from school starting. Its been a pretty fun-filled, busy summer, but not too much.

The kids haven't said "we didn't get to .... " and My Honey is going on a well-deserved golf weekend while the kids and I get our camping trip in. There was family time, boating (!) fishing for Bubba, spending time out of town without their parents for both kids, spending time without the kids a couple nights for the adults, all in all, pretty good summer.

There is this little part of me that is sad to see it end, but a part of me that will be glad when the kids are back in school and there is a routine going on again. So far we don't have any extra-curricular activities planned, but we did get the gymnastics schedule and I went to an open house at a dance studio. I don't know what I am thinking. Getting my daughter into dance? That means being around dancers and stuff right? I'm not sure I am up to it yet. But maybe with some peer-support and counseling I can do it!

That open house is something I should write about, it was a weird experience for me. All those x-cheerleaders (who are my age) in their glamour gal makeup and (false) smiles. Lots of makeup and (false) smiles. I just don't do make up or (false) smiles. Nor do I dance. So I am not sure I could related to the whole scene very well. The whole thing is taking up way too much space in my pea-brain right now.

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