Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am going to can peaches tomorrow. I think I am pretty much ready. Peaches (check), canner (check), sugar (check) and the cooker (check). I like to set up a gas cooker outside so it doesn't get so hot in the house and then do all the prep while the water is heating up. I've worked out a pretty good system over the years, the only thing I am thinking is that I should have picked more peaches the other day. I will probably only get 6-8 jars from what I have if I am lucky. It is possible to go pick some more today, right now, but I don't know if they would be ripe enough tomorrow. I think I will just drive out there and find out. Plus, I could take my (fancy) camera and spend some time taking pictures this time!

Speaking of ripe, check out my breakfast today! Those peaches were sooooo delicious! Y.U.M. Yes, I ate the whole bowl, guilt free.

Its my last night shift, then a week and a half off during which the August break ends and school starts. Life's routine changes a little, and then back to a modified day shift. For one month I am going to work the 3am -1pm shift and then back to a regular 5am shift. I'm going to miss my peeps on nights.

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Love the peaches pictures!!!!