Saturday, August 28, 2010


My final product. I am thinking I might make a display of the peach-process to enter in the fair. Clever huh?

It's a new era.

The camo thing has been going on for awhile, but the whole hunting, fishing, being one with nature thing is new. For their last day at day camp the counselors did face painting. So Bubba had his camo'd. It turned out pretty cool and then he was more than happy to pose for the camera without making faces.

Its Saturday. Our last Saturday of Summer Vacation. I am thinking we will make a run to the Farmers Market (where there is face painting) and then maybe out to Chelan. My sister and her family are up there so it would be a nice distraction, end of the summer hurrah for the day today or tomorrow. Plus I could get my blueberry fix. And maybe another cool series of "from the tree to the table" pictures. Hmmmm, I feel a kitchen series coming on!

Speaking of kitchen, LK brought me some new dishes. We NEEDED new dishes. These ones are pretty cool, a little design-y and a little blue for me, but I like them. The kids and I washed them up and I got them all put away already today. Wow. I'm a machine!

Yeah, I am thinking Farmers Market, pit stop at home to drop off fresh food, then onto Chelan by lunch. Hopefully blueberries then home by dinner. Perfect end of summer day!

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