Monday, August 30, 2010


A storm rolled in yesterday (not too much of a storm actually, turned out to be windy and a teeny tiny rainstorm) but as I looked out the back window, I saw out white birch tree against the sky and I thought that the leaves looked kind of silvery against the grey sky so I went out and snapped a few pictures.

It wasn't as silvery as I thought. But editing can fix anything!

I woke at 2am to Miss I telling me her eye hurt. I rewound my memory to bedtime and remembered her complaining about it then too, but bedtime has become a pain in the ass and I don't believe anything my kids come up with these days (I need water, my jammies itch, I am too cold, I am too hot ...). So I asked her if she needed me to look at it or if she could go back to bed. She wanted me to look at it so we went into the bathroom and there was her very adorable face with her bed-head in her new Halloween jammies looking all sleepy-eyed with one goopy, crusted over, swollen eye. Awwww, damn. Not that I could have avoided a 2am wake up call, but she wasn't lying the night before.

We had a little middle of the night "girl who cried wolf" talk and she went back to bed. Thankfully I have drops from our last little pink eye incident so we started them last night. I am a little worried about how swollen it is, but I think I will wait until tomorrow to see how it does.

I don't like leaving just a black & white picture, sometimes they are a little depressing or unemotional or just blah. How about this one to go:

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