Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The First

My last August break picture. Another art moment yesterday. Miss I's painting.

Well, I prove again I am seriously distracted sometimes.
I FORGOT to take a picture of Bubba on the first day of school. Pretty much we were running late and it didn't even cross my mind! We all woke up at 7:50 which meant we had just over a half hour to get ready. OOPS! It worked out though, we all made it where we needed to be.

The open house at Bubba's school went well last night, it was great find his class room, drop off all the school supplies and meet his teacher before the chaos of the first day. I hear Mrs. B has "high expectations and a great discipline policy" which will be super for Bubba. The discipline not as much as the expectations part. I hope he wants to work hard for her and that he/we learn some skills that will last for the rest of his schooling.

Off to work on my fair entry.

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The Loidhamer Family said...

She's so orderly in her painting. I love it!