Friday, September 10, 2010

Made our tracks

Been there, done that.

I took the kids and Girl Cousin out to the fair after school yesterday. This picture is of a ... Well, I don't know what it's called, but basically the kids were in air-filled balls in a shallow pool of water running or crawling around. They looked like gerbils or hamsters trying to run on water. Pretty funny stuff. Miss I tried it too, but she was a little afraid. (Shocking, I know! She is usually willing to try anything!)

This was by far the favorite thing the kids did. Pony rides. They were all THRILLED to ride the ponies! Unanimously voted "favorite thing we did" at the fair!

I returned today to do a 6 hour stint for work. Easy money. And it was nice out too!

My pictures didn't win any special awards and the one I didn't like was the only one that was a blue-ribbon winner. A little disappointing, I couldn't really tell by comparing my photos with other blue ribbon winners what it was they were looking for. Oh well, its still interesting to enter and then go and check out the competition.

This was cool too. There was a bird rescue group there with several different birds from eagles to falcons and owls. Beautiful. They did an awesome job talking about the birds, telling their stories of why they weren't in the wild anymore. It was pretty darn awesome.

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