Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Equinox and a full moon. No wonder the Town is full of crazies!

It was a LONG week at work. My long work week, plus a couple of 12 hour shifts kicked my ass pretty good. Then again, maybe it's getting up at oh-dark-thirty? I am looking forward to less overtime and a later shift in a few weeks! Thankfully I am on my four days off now. Ahhhhh...

Hockey starts this weekend! I am so ready! Unfortunately My Honey will be out of town so I had to round up some dates for the games. Saturday I am taking a virgin co-worker. She's never been to a game, maybe I can turn her into a hockey whore, too? Friday night it will be Mom & Bubba night.

Speaking of Bubba - that boy! He learned to tie flies (or is it flys?) and he is obsessed! He went around the house looking for stuff to make them. He found some yarn and feathers and then he used paper clips for hooks. I am actually really impressed at how he re purposed so many items into his flies. Pretty clever kid.

On my days off I am looking forward to:
Hockey (duh)
Doing something with three boxes of apples
A few hours of peace and quiet while Miss I is at grandmas tomorrow morning and Bubba is at school
A few more hours of peace and quiet while Miss I is at pre-school on Friday and Bubba is in school
Getting out and taking some photos
Chillin, not feeling like I HAVE to get dinner on the table
Getting the laundry caught up (what am I saying? I am looking forward to that? Weird)
Hockey (oh, I already mentioned that)
My Honey getting in some MAJOR golf! 8 rounds in 4 days! Whew!
My Honey getting some guy time
My Honey coming home
Keeping the TV watching to a minimum and music listening at a maximum
Going to the Dollar Store and letting Bubba find some treasures to make flies with
Taking Bubba to the hockey game (I am actually on the fence on this one, he is going to love it, it's just a huge distraction from the game for me)
Not working!
Sleeping past two in the morning
Taking some fall photos - I'd like to go to a local flower shop that usually has a hay or corn maze set up and take some fall-type photos
Pumpkins. I am in the mood to get pumpkins. Maybe I will take the kids here? It's always a lot of fun and a very good place to take pictures.

LK is going to come to town. Now I have another whole list of things:
Taking the boys and my sister to the hockey game
Taking them all to Smallwoods
Having a great weekend!

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Michelle Littler said...

I am always the last to know...hope we can run into each other this weekend somewhere