Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Makin' Tracks

The theme of the fair this year is "Makin' Tracks To The Fair". So, I made my tracks there this afternoon and I submitted four photos. I have an evil plan ... I am working a "Pub Ed" event on Friday at the fair. That day, I plan on winning the "people's choice" award. "How?" you ask? Easy. I will tell everyone that visits the Pub Ed booth to vote for me! Maybe I will even post it on Facebook!? (Kidding) I won't do either. But if you go to the fair, vote for me!

2010 Fair entries:

"Farm to Table" I entered this one in a tall alignment, not across. And I left out the fourth picture. I think this one could be a winner for best use of the theme, it's TOTALLY about "making tracks", right? Taken the day Miss I and I went to pick peaches and the days after when I canned them. Didn't they turn out pretty? The old ladies at the fair thought so, too!

(Something about "feet") Taken in Chelan one weekend when LK was visiting. Bubba had stayed several days. This was taken when we went to go pick him up (well, we stayed a couple days too!)

"Deserted Barn" Another picture taken on a peach-picking adventure. This barn is on the road home. I love the way it looks like it's in the middle of nowhere. And I love the way I was courageous enough to stop on the side of a busy-ish road to take the picture!

"Toy Tractor" My favorite. Taken in my back yard. A childhood friend and her husband were visiting, and we were sitting around chatting when I noticed the tractor sitting just so. It was too good NOT to photograph. Plus, it kind of looks like a real tractor, but it's just a toy.

It is finally my Friday. The 3am thing worked out fine the last few days; I started running after work and taking AdvilPM to aid my sleep. It just takes awhile to get in a good rhythm. Although, I'm up kind of late tonite, but I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Lastly, have I mentioned I turn 40 in two months? I kind of felt it today so I "dressed young." I wore a ridiculous (short, quilted-type pattern) skirt with my cowboy boots and layered t-shirts. I totally felt like a 12 year old in a 40 year old body. I don't know, can anyone relate? (DW, if you say "yes" I will kick. your. ass.!!)