Saturday, September 04, 2010

Here we go

So there's a few tricks to working at 3am.
1) Food. No sweets before 10am. I had a blueberry bagel for breakfast and it just hasn't sat well. I used to know better. Now I remember.
1a) Food. Protein. Must remember protein for breakfast.
2) Caffeine. No caffeine after 1pm or sleep is a problem later
3) Overtime. Don't forget if you have overtime until 3pm! OOPS. I forgot I signed up and there I was a snack short for my day. Luckily My Honey was across town and ran back to McD's for a quarter-pounder for me. MMMMMM. Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to the time and finished my diet coke just after 2pm. That's gonna bite me later!
4) Sleep. It's just hard to get up at 2am. And it's hard to go to bed at 6pm.
5) ... There is no number five.

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