Friday, September 24, 2010

Day Two

It ain't over, but I have just a few minutes before I go get Bubba so I thought I would jot down what I did today:

Kids off to school
Coffee where I met one of my Sgt's wives. Nice lady, their daughter used to be Miss I's gymnastics teacher.
MASSAGE. Need I say more about that?
A little shopping. I had some things to exchange and I needed a new pair of jeans. Okay, I wanted some.
Lunch. Alone. Where someone else served me and cleaned up. Sure costs a lot these days doesn't it?
Some time a the park where I tried to capture the beginnings of fall. Not sure how I did, pictures are downloading now.
Next up, off to get Bubba, then Miss I, then the dollar store and all that stuff.
Lastly, HOCKEY. So looking forward to watching the Wild do some damage tonite!

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