Friday, September 17, 2010

Long day

Miss I was up in the middle of the night several times coughing and with a high fever. Thankfully she is still sleeping right now. In the long run it will work out good since I have to go to bed early tonight anyway.

Bubba hitched a ride to school from his best buddy. I'm glad they were able to pick him up - and give him a ride home later! - so Miss I can sleep.

I did get out and take some pictures yesterday. It was refreshing to get out, although my back yard is a little boring right now. Nothing is changing color and I didn't really want to photograph green. I like green. A LOT, but I think leaves get boring.

I found these little gems tucked away in the dirt pile and down behind the trees:

The kids like to do a spin-art frisbee during Apple Blossom. These are the past two years creations they made. Bubba likes to get his first initial, age and the year on his. Miss I likes her whole name, age and the year. Very individual these two.

I also stopped in the garage to take a picture of my put-up fruit for winter. MMMMM, don't those pears look delicious? I am going to try and make apple sauce from our apples too, but it doesn't feel quite right to do that with a sick kid ...

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The Loidhamer Family said...

Make the applesauce! That is one thing I do remember our Mom doing... Making me apple pie filling to eat when I was really sick. Maybe just don't try to make all of it.