Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day One

There's something about not having the TV on that is .... nice. Relaxing. Quiet. Peaceful. Sometimes I just feel overloaded by it. Like it sucks the life out of me. If it's sucking the life out of me, what is it doing to my kids?!!

Today was pretty good. It had some ups (LK is coming to town!) and some downs (LK isn't coming to town ...) But overall it was pretty good. I did a few things on my list from yesterday so that was good too. Not only that, since LK was coming to town I mopped and did some other house cleaning I had put off. (You're worth it, don't worry!) The kids even helped which was really nice.

They, especially Bubba, has reached this new place where he is actually asking if he can help (maybe its the last 8 years of me yelling at him "WHY I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES ANYTHING AROUND HERE, YOU COULD AT LEAST OFFER TO HELP!!" It must have finally got through?) so he mopped the bathroom and put away his laundry. Actually, I think that is what did it for him; this past spring/summer I decided he was old enough to put away his own stinking laundry. So I placed the basket of his clothes in his room and told him to put them away within the next few days. He got right on it and said to me later "wow, that is a lot of work!" Yeah, and I do that for EVERYONE in the house! I think it put it in perspective for him. He rarely complains about putting his laundry away.

After I picked Miss I up from grandmas this morning, we went shopping, I wanted to get her a new outfit for school pictures. The background is going to be very cute and I want her to look great. I found an adorable denim skirt, now I need a shirt and shoes. I am thinking some kind of plaid maybe and boots ...

My Honey made it to his golf destination and hit the long drive today. They play for money during this weekend thing. Long drive, closest to pin, low score, and money for the winners of the game of the day too. But really, he's playing against his buddy. So far My Honey is in the lead.

On the agenda for tomorrow? Kids off to school, solo coffee date (hope Vegas is fun Birthday Girl!) maybe run across town to return some stuff that didn't fit Miss I today, and then ... a massage! Ahhhh. I can't wait. I might just come home and take a nap after that! I wonder if Miss I can stay at day care all day? Hmmmm ....

I should probably try to make apple sauce sometime tomorrow, after school I will get Bubba and we'll make our trek to the Dollar Store. Both kids are looking forward to it. Maybe we'll go play at the park and then have dinner out before we pick up the babysitter? The kids would love that. Mmmmm, McDonald's ... And then it's HOCKEY!

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