Thursday, September 02, 2010

In the news

Hmmmm, My Honey takes a pretty good picture too! This is our new "pimpin ride." It's a black 95 Chevy with maroon velvet interior and lots of chrome accessories! All it needs is some tassels in the window and dice hanging from the mirror. I call it "Little Mexico". It's perfect for towing the whole family and the boat. It made a great "going camping" rig too!

the August break continued. The August Break is officially continuing! I don't know if I will post something every day, but I might...

Miss I and I went on a little flower excursion yesterday and I pulled out my camera and shot a few photos.

Collage of my August Break project

The first day of school was great for Bubba. He likes his new teacher, he loves playing on the "big kid" playground (the k-2 are separated from the 3 & 4 grade kids on the playground) and he had a friend over after school so life was great.

Miss I spent the first half of the day with grandma so I got some peace and quiet and a nice lunch out with My Honey. All in all a pretty good day for everyone.


LSL said...

Love the pictures! Especially that first one. How awesome is that?!! :)

Wentworth Family Blog said...

Hot stuff! Love it.

Dawn said...

That's a great photo of you and your new truck! I enjoyed looking through all your August photos to. They looks good in a collage.