Thursday, September 16, 2010

3rd grade

I worked it yesterday and canned 18 jars of pears. I have half a box left, better get them done! What a day, I did the pears after getting up at 2am, working all day and then going to Running Club with Bubba. Yeah, I am a stud!

Running Club is fun for me, although Bubba hasn't taken to it yet. He might not, but I think it's important for him to do it since we don't have him in anything else that is physical right now. Plus, I NEED IT.

I visited with his teacher the other day to check in and see how he was doing. Yeah. He needs to work on a few things. Paying attention (not a surprise), math (Doh! Really? Uh oh), she gave me a great game to play with coins to help him and encouraged me to "reward" him with the coins for right answers. Gotta love bribery! And she also said he was having trouble understanding simple things. Hmmmmm. No. I don't buy that. He is probably distracted. He has a great mind and remembers EVERYTHING. He just doesn't always listen, or think about what he already knows and recycle that information to answer his own questions. We've been talking about this for months. "Think about what you know before you ask 'why?'"

As we drove home I asked him to remind me we had an appointment at the chiropractor the next day after school. "Why are we going there?" he asks me. (Sometimes it takes all my energy not to say something really sarcastic when he does that.) I calmly say "Why would we go there?" and quietly under my breath I say "for a craft day?" which of course he heard and then I had to explain I was kidding and it dawned on me it was a teachable moment.

I explained to him that his teacher and I had just talked and she said it seems like he has problems remembering simple things. "This, Bubba, is a simple thing, why do we go to the chiropractor?" Which he could clearly tell me, "for an adjustment." What he really wanted to know was who was getting an adjustment. Ahhhhh, now we are getting somewhere. I reminded him he needs to think about his questions and then inspiration hit ...

"Dude, your brain is a computer. It has a TON of information in it. You need to "google" everything before you ask me a question." So that's our new catch phrase "google it" to get him to figure it out himself. I sure hope it works. I thought about telling his teacher about it but she seems a little ... um ... stuffy? Not quite the same sense of humor as his 2nd grade teacher. She would LOVE it! I may actually tell her because she will get a kick out of it and probably even use it in class or with her own kids!

I haven't gotten out in a week with my camera. I took a walk at the park today, but didn't bring it with me. I did see a few things I would like to go back and check out. Too bad Miss I isn't feeling 100% today. Maybe I will go check out my back yard and see what there is there?


Michelle Littler said...

I love it!! Might have to steal it.

The Loidhamer Family said...

HA! I hear "Google It" at least 3 times a day from my son when I don't know the answer to something like "Mom, who was Darth Vader's padawan?"