Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wind down

Good lord I hate the post-holiday melt down, I mean LET down. No, I mean melt down. Its near, I feel it. All that emotion that I've kept bottled up. The stress, made much less-so by my sisters who helped me pull off the family dinner here (thanks girls, Shell - you rock my social planning world, LK - you rock my cooking world!)

The anticipation - will it all work out? Did we get enough for the kids? Do they have the SAME NUMBER of presents (I tried to pre-load this by telling Bubba that he may not get as many presents as Miss I because his stuff is more expensive these days). Will they behave? Will we make it everywhere? In once piece? With smiles on our faces? Am I forgetting anything? AnyONE?

The clean up. I'm not really OCD, but maybe a little. I like clean living spaces. Well, more like un-cluttered. I'm the one with the trash bag picking up wrapping paper and bows and tape and ribbons. Not only that, but we decorated all around the house and it all has to come down. Soon. I am committed to waiting until next weekend, I'm off for four days.

The food. Translation: my jeans don't fit. You know how this ends: with a "healthier eating plan" for the new year.

The New Year. My word for 2011 is evolving. It's somewhere between Love and Balance. Both of which give me hives. I get all itchy thinking about either one for very long. Susannah has a post somewhere about choosing a word or intention for the year somewhere on her blog (I'll be dammed if I can find it today!) and a couple of great worksheets. Check her out. Unfortunately, I can't get my printer and my new laptop to work together on a regular basis (ha! sounds like my real job too!) but what's to stop me from just filling in the blanks?

I know, where are the pictures? So far this month I have missed currency, share, sweet, crash, bar, and pure ... is that all? We chose words for the whole month, so I have a week left. I really enjoy the time behind the lens, but I have found myself rushing to get the word of the day done, so they don't feel like quality pictures.

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