Saturday, December 04, 2010


Well, I totally missed a picture for "currency" yesterday. I was a little sick. Looks like DW picked up the slack for me, she posted three pictures! Way to go. I'll take the stocking or a hundred :)

Today is a different story. It was Bubba's kid-birthday-party-day! He and I started to talk about it awhile ago, he suggested that snow shoeing might be fun. I tucked it away in my brain and pulled it out on .... Monday. Turns out you can't rent kids snow shoes anywhere (I found this out on ... Thursday.) Plan B was to go sledding which worked out really well. There is a hill just down the road at one of the schools, the boys and Miss I had a great time! Truth be told, so did I when I got a chance to ride a sled alone. My Honey took a ride down too, but he has a bum ankle and didn't get to sled as much as he would have liked.

So we sledded, ate pizza, drank hot cocoa, opened presents and had cake. The end. Bubba kept saying he was having a really good time and so did the other boys. The picture is off all our stuff piled inside the door after we came back, with some fun added!

Tonite My Honey and I are headed to the hockey game "GO WILD" and tomorrow will be a get the laundry finished and the house cleaned up before I go back to that early 3am shift again. UGH.

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