Friday, December 31, 2010

Learning as I go

Everything I need to know about life I am learning in hockey.

Practice this morning was great. I got a little encouragement from Coach Cal and some words of hope from other team members. It seemed that this morning was mostly the experienced players so I pushed myself a little. Oh, and Coach Cal HAS noticed that I don't push myself and was hollering at me about today: "PUSH YOURSELF RAINEY, HARDER!! PUSH IT!! THERE YOU GO!!" gee. thanks. It was good tho. Can't say I've ever been yelled at like that before! Oh maybe once or twice in an aerobics class, but she was yelling at everyone, not calling ME out! So what am I learning? Practice is helping. I have improved. I can stop!

We worked on a lot of zig-zag drills today to get our speed up and our balance better and cutting in and out of other players to feel more secure. And then we did some of them backwards. Oh backwards how much you mess up my brain! And cross overs, you know when you're going around a corner, or turning on an opponent? You have to be good at cross overs. Everyone has a strong side so they make sure to do drills on both sides. Dang coaches. What am I learning? You gotta work out the kinks on the "weak side" too. Uncomfortable is good.

I took Bubba to my last practice, he just needed out and My Honey had hurt his back so it was better to take one of the kids. After I asked him what he thought and he said it was pretty cool. I have been toying with the idea of getting them into skating as a once a week physical activity (swimming won't work out this quarter) so I asked him if he was interested, explained that skating lessons would be like that, a workshop where you learn a new skill. He enthusiastically answered YES! This morning I took Miss I so My Honey could go to work on time, since Bubba is getting more comfortable staying home alone now. She liked it too and is interested in lessons! Yay :) Thursday ice skating lessons. I am looking forward to seeing their progress and maybe even getting one or both into hockey in the spring.

Ah yes, my 2011 intention. I am using both words. Love and Balance.
I am interested in their connection. How they will play out.

How about an update on my 2010 word Courage?
I would have to say I feel like I ended this year a lot more courageous in many aspects. From communication with My Honey to playing Hockey. From choosing not to spend a lot of time with people who suck me dry to saying "yes, I am playing in the tournament in February." YIKES! I said "yes!"

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LSL said...

Wow! You are getting worked! And you are working it. I love hearing about all the hockey stuff. I'd say you definitely have been courageous. Looking forward to hearing about the tourney :)