Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"I, for one, am not much company for anyone without my artistic soul feeling up to par." Madeline Bea

I attempted to get busy with the camera this month and take some photos for a self-imposed daily challenge. My girl DW (who is a much more dedicated photographer than I am!!) chose words for the days of this month and set to taking pictures every day.

I found myself, as I said earlier, rushing to get the picture done so I don't think its all quality work and if you look at the photos this month, especially the past week or so, you can (well I can) see a difference. Its not a bad thing, just a thing. But I do find myself not feeling quite like myself so the quote at the top of the page seemed appropriate. I also find if I am not feeding the physical activity part of myself I am not much company either, and since its been nearly two weeks since I played hockey, I'm feeling a little sub-par.

TWO WEEKS! And I have to wean myself down to one practice a week because I work at 3am starting Monday morning so not getting home from practice until 7:30 or 8 is a bad idea. But, I just read that practice this week isn't until 7:30 am instead of 6, so I probably can't go to that. Getting home at 9 is too late, My Honey has to work. Am I sounding whiny yet? Because that's how I am feeling. I guess I could go use my YMCA membership. I could go take a walk. The kids are at grandmas (for the night!). It's still light out.

Have I mentioned life with a cat yet? Shes pretty cute. Her name ended up being Mister Pickles. (Thanks LK!) as I type she is sitting across one arm. I kind of like it. I have not had a cat in 12 years. She is so good. Hasn't cried at all, sleeps really good and used the liter box right from the start. Lets hope "Lola" is the same way when we get her next week!

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The Loidhamer Family said...

What? You're bringing home a showgirl?
Glad you're being a good girl, Mr.Pickles.