Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today's word is frolic. I plan to get a picture of ice skating frolicking later.

Our date was great. We continued to talk kitty, went out to Thai, created out Christmas menu, figured out who we needed to shop for, visited some friends who just got back from Argentina a month ago and tried a new yummy drink; chocolate covered strawberries and cream. It is delightful! Very sweet and just right for dessert. (It's a strawberry cream tequila, Rose something, and double chocolate vodka served over ice. DEE-LISH! You could even add soda water to give it some fizz if you wanted to. It reminded me of an iced "steamer" type drink you would get at a latte stand... what are those called? You know, ...!! ITALIAN SODA !! That's it! Sheesh, been trying to come up with that for over 12 hours!)

Our dinner menu is going to be .....
Beef barley soup, fancy breads from Great Harvest Bakery, a cheese and cracker dish for people to nibble and a vegie tray. Drinks will be juice or milk for the kids, wine and beer for the adults plus our new fancy dessert drink with or for dessert. I may see if LK will make an apple pie or two for dessert. Not very fancy, not really that original, but it should cover all the bases from finicky-lighter-eating kids to hungry adults. And we will be able to put out some of it ahead of time to nibble on since our last guests won't get here until after six. There will be 16 of us! I am pretty excited, but I woke up thinking about bowls, spoons and stuff like that. I'd rather not use paper and plastic, so we shall see.

I am also really excited to use my Christmas table cloth and napkins, they are very cool with poinsettias on them, but they don't match ANY of my dishes. Oh the drama of a matchy-matchy table!

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The Loidhamer Family said...

Can I plan a second soup? Craig is allergic to barley...What a pain he is. Maybe I should leave him home :)