Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Today's word is twinkle.

My son's eyes always have a twinkle in them, so do Miss I's but she spends Wednesday nights with grandma so no picture of her eyes. And its not the same kind of twinkle, I will save them for the word mischievous or sassy or something like that.

I am so glad it is my Friday. I was pretty much done with work today, I don't know why, but I was. I am off the next two days, hope to get the house cleaned up a bit and a hockey practice in early Friday morning and then it's going to be a busy weekend. Work 12 hours, company on Saturday, family Christmas party Saturday night, work 12 hours, family birthday party for Bubba Sunday and then a few more (short) days of work. I am looking forward to it, but its going to be tiring!

We had a great practice on Sunday. There were only 8 of us (as compared to 15 or so the past month) so toward the end we played a 4 on 4 scrimmage the width of the rink (instead of the length). I have no idea if I am playing "right" but it sure is fun! I don't know the difference between offense and defense, but I know which goal I am shooting into and who my team mates are. I have no idea what a right wing or a left wing is (was that facing OUR goal or the other team's goal) but I can sure out-cuss them! I am pretty sure, and not so proud, of the fact that I was the pottiest mouth out there! I didn't mean to and it's not like it's a goal, but I sure was cussing!

It takes a TON of concentration! A friend of one of the coaches described it really well saying something like "it requires all of my concentration, I can't think about ANYTHING ELSE" that's totally it! There isn't anything I have ever done that was as mentally and physically challenging at the same time as hockey. Not that I have a huge repertoire of things I've done, but still. I think as it comes more naturally (HA!!) it might be less like that, but for now its very invigorating, challenging and tiring all at the same time. I get home sweaty, hungry, amped, tired and sore!

I love it!

There are a couple tournaments coming up that I am thinking of playing in. One at home and one away ....

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LSL said...

Absolutely LOVE hearing about the hockey practice! (And I'm proud of your potty mouth.) I hope you do play in the tournies, and I please keep posting about it!