Sunday, December 05, 2010


It was decorate day at my house today. We put up the tree and put out all my Christmas collectibles. It is always a fun and frustrating event. I love getting out all the stuff, I hate the mess. I love remembering where my stuff came from, I hate that I have not taken really good care of some things and they are getting "old". I love having so much crap to put out, I hate not having enough surfaces to put things on. So Christmas and I have a love-hate relationship.

The tree turned out ... nice? I tried not to stress out about the kids hanging everything in the same place, down low. I am trying not to stress out that The Kings are on a low table where little hands might not be able to resist them and that the mantle looks a little naked. But I am glad we did it. I was a bit of a scrooge last year and the kids are still having fun with the decorations. They each have a tree in their rooms (another thing I am trying not to worry about) and keep running around with "presents".

Behold, the picture is not of my house, it's all the cinnamon ornaments the kids decorated a few weeks ago.

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