Friday, December 10, 2010


Of course I had an idea in my head for the word "family" but it didn't pan out. I thought about making a slide show of family photos ... Yeah. Nope.

My other first thought was to get a picture of an animal family or my family. Neither of those worked out either.

Finally I got off my lazy bum today and went for a walk intending to find my dang "family" picture. I ended up at the park near Porters Pond. Holy cow, the water was sooooo low! It felt like I could walk into the middle of the river. Anyway, back to family! (Which is exactly what happened at the park!)

There is a memorial near the parking area that has been financed by several ... you guessed it FAMILIES. So I thought I would get a picture of the bricks on my way out. Then I ventured a little further into the park. Lo and behold I found a lot of things. I found a picture for one of the days I missed: Spacious. That is exactly what the park was with the water so low!

All in all a good day. Great hockey practice, lovely coffee date with my girl DW, a semi-random act of kindness for some folks at the Y, cleaned the house (yes, I am having company this weekend), short walk and some photography. Yeah, good day!

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