Friday, December 17, 2010


No, that's not the word for the day; it's "perspective". No, I have not taken a picture yet, but I just got an idea...

Meow refers to The Christmas Dilemma:
One feline or two?
Kittens or cats?
Do we take into consideration my son's ideal cat: "black with two white feet and yellow eyes"?
What about the more mature (1-2 year old) tabby and her 9 month old light-color calico-looking daughter? They already know each other and have lived together, but have outgrown "kittyness."
Who knew there were upwards of fifty cats out there for adoption between the Humane Society and The Crazy Cat Lady?
Where do we put the litter box?
Will they sleep with the kids like they want?
What do they really want in a cat? Do they want something playful or just to pet?

Lucky me, right now this is my biggest problem in life.

OOOHHH! And guess what else? I get to host Christmas dinner for my side of the family in my house!! I am actually really excited! Mostly because LK will be here to help me :) Oh, what? I forgot to tell you that part? :)

It's been a good couple days off so far, a couple of my girls came over yesterday and we made cookies, today at lunch My Honey and I got to go look at kitties. Tonite we have a date! And tomorrow there is a family skating party with the hockey girls and their families. We haven't told the kids yet, they will be VERY excited! Then My Honey and I are going to do our Christmas shopping. All in one day! All done!

For the hockey fan(s)
Today's practice was good. There were only eight of us so it was a great workout. The drills are becoming more familiar, my skating feels better, but stopping is still not there.

It's supposed to be cool looking. Both feet are supposed to "shoosh" together at the same time bringing you to a stop. SUPPOSED to. I look more like a flailing 2 year old. I can't seem to get my feet together. I can't seem to get stopped. Cal, one of the coaches, told me I need to get my hips into it (have I ever mentioned I don't belly dance because I'm not that in touch with my hips?) and, he says, I have to "pop" at some point to get both of my feet to work together ... uuuuhhh, right. I will keep practicing.

We played a 4 on 4 scrimmage again today. I wasn't that great. Well, actually, I don't know. And to be perfectly honest, I am afraid to ask. What would I do if they told me I wasn't good? Or if they told me I wasn't getting any better? Or that I am screwing up practice for the other players because I suck? Yeah, I am afraid to ask. Cal is encouraging, he keeps telling me this or that is better, but...

One of the things we did today was a speed drill where we pushed the net down the ice and back with a partner as fast as we could. Poor J got stuck with me, so she says "when we get to the end you stand still and I will push the net around you." Good plan J. While on our way to the other end of the ice she is yelling at me "THE FASTER YOU MOVE YOUR LEGS, THE FASTER YOU ARE GONNA GO!!" That might give you an idea of how bad I am. No offense taken, I know she means well and maybe that's what I need, someone to yell at me to pick it up a bit. To push me a little harder, because I certainly don't push myself!

So I am working up the courage to ask someone how I am really doing and what small thing (don't give me too much!) can I do for the next few practices.

And finally ... IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK!!
Two weeks off from school!

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LSL said...

LOVE hearing about practice and your progress. I can relate to it so much. Keep going! It sounds like it's important work. And play. :)