Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yesterday's word was frolic:

That's Bubba in his outdoor wear, frolicking in the new "duck blind" he created while it was snowing yesterday. We lost a tree under the weight of the snow last week and this is what he did with the branches. We had to cut the bugger down because part of it blocked the driveway. I hate to loose the bird habitat, but I really didn't like that tree anyway!

Today's word is bar. I have some ideas ...

We got it all done yesterday; ice skating, Christmas shopping, and kittenS. Yep, we got two. One little-little and one 7 month old. I figured if the kids got sick of the little-little, I would still have one I am interested in so they would both be getting taken care of. Not really, but sort of. The 7 month old is very cute, white with grey and other color splotches and BLUE eyes. She makes me think of a oyster shell for some reason, so that may be her name, Oyster, (not Shell, I can't name a cat the same as my sister). The other one looks like a cat. Striped, grey and white. She is very cute and I wouldn't be surprised if her name ended up being something like Baby. It will be up to the kids tho.

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