Monday, May 24, 2010

The End

Did I really have eleven days off? WOW! I got so much done!

We spent Sunday just getting things finished up. Light switch and outlet covers back on, the trim we could put on nailed in, and the fireplace painted. I considered putting the curtains and my prized photograph up, but I had painted the window trim and I'm just not ready for the photograph yet. I kind of seems like that should be the last thing to get done. Crazy, I know. The inspiration for the room the last thing to go in it... Weird huh? Anyway, I did bring it in and set it against the wall, it's going to look very nice. I also bragged myself up to EVERYONE that would listen today including the guy that framed the picture. He thought it was a little over the top that I re-decorated around that picture. Yeah, maybe. But I love it.

It was back to work today. I had a law radio that is usually less busy but they were bustling today. It was fun to work hard on my first day back.

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The Loidhamer Family said...

Where are the pics???