Sunday, May 02, 2010


Just finished Apple Blossom weekend. Not too bad to work for us day-shifters. Oh, how I would have loved to work nights just for the action. July can't come soon enough.

My week will be busy though; I work Monday-Thursday, we have soccer games on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, hockey tickets for Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday nights and a little concert in Tacoma I am going to on Friday. Yep, me and my gal KC are going to Nickelback again. We just didn't get enough the first time. I am really looking forward to it!! It should be a great time!

Sounds like a lot doesn't it? Thankfully I am on vacation starting on the 13th for a week and a half. Not like I am going to sit around though. We are taking the kids to an indoor water park and painting the interior of the house and probably pulling up carpet, maybe starting to re-finish some wood floors. Could I pack any more into a month? Probably!! How about I have some company or plan a party or a bar-be-cue or something? :) Kidding, Honey.

We took the kids to The Park for the Apple Blossom arts and crafts dudes and dudettes, they love to get a painted Frisbee. I packed us all a picnic lunch and we ate and listened to a great musician, Camielle Bloom. I loved her! I love the conceits in the park. Small groups of people, great bands, the kids (and adults) can go dance like crazy if they want to (not me of course). It's a lot of fun. Not only that, I always see random people there that I don't see anywhere else. That part is fun too.

So that's my busy-ness.
In other news, just a little over 6 months and I will be forty.
Hmmm, not sure how I like being "almost 39 and a half."

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