Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day Seven

Will this vacation ever end? Not for a few more days!

We got the carpet pulled today! The wood floor is in great shape except the row of nails every 18". Apparently they did that to keep the floor from squeaking. It works, but looks horrible so I get new carpet and vinyl in the kitchen. We checked out some samples today, the guy comes to measure tomorrow morning and we're off. We are decided on carpet, the vinyl will be a bit trickier.

I finished my second coat of cutting in in the kitchen and should get to finish that part of the painting tomorrow. The rest of the painting are the doors and trim around the doors and windows, we are doing the trim white and the interior doors the same color as the walls. We are also going to paint the fireplace bricks white. I think it will look really sharp. I am getting anxious for the whole thing to be done, but here is where I have to take my time and go slow so it doesn't get buggered up.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get the rest of the walls rolled, maybe a little trim work or the doors primed, and a random act of kindness if Miss I isn't sick. She had a gunky eye tonight, not sure if it is a pink-eye thing or related to a runny nose she has. She tends to get gunky eyes with her colds, so we shall see in the morning.

Friday I would like to tackle the fireplace and see how that goes, maybe hang some curtains and shelves. I checked at Target today and found some nice looking floating shelves that I would like. I should also probably get some grocery shopping done for next week. I do have to go back to work on Monday! We have also been invited out to dinner on Friday night. It should be a fun night. Good company and a very nice meal at Tendrils at the Cave B Inn. It's beautiful out there, I can't wait to go back!

My Honey, he's so cute. The living room is torn up so I moved my laptop to the bedroom today. The only outlet is on his side of the bed so I am sitting here writing when he came up to give me a kiss goodnight.

"Are we changing sides of the bed?" he asks. "No," I told him, "this is just where the laptop is. Unless you want to change." hahahah, I crack myself up. We are making a TON of changes this week, the walls, the windows, the curtains, the carpet the vinyl, a vacation to a new place, as if he would like to change one more thing. "No," he says, "I like it the way it is. Maybe tomorrow." Right, tomorrow... What a cutie.

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