Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day Nine, day Ten

Whew! My back is starting to kill me! All that painting. Unfortunately I found another section going up the hall from the living room that will look nicer painted, so I cut that in today and will finish it up Friday while Miss I is at day care.

One of our neighbors is a handy-man. His most recent handiness has been building houses. He came over to see our work and talked My Honey into using new trim instead of painting ours. In fact, he even had some left over from his house projects that he gave us! BONUS! And it was painted! And it LOOKS GREAT! What a nice finish.

We had been talking about what to do with the fireplace. We decided to paint it white. Its going to be very white! But it will break up the wall really nice and the kids got to help prime it so they felt like they got to help with the living room too. The actually worked together for over an hour on that project without getting paint on each other or making too big of a mess.

Tonight is our soccer team pizza party - yummy! Looking forward to that, and I was invited out by my girl DW for drinks later. Tomorrow we should be getting the house put as back together as we can while we wait on carpet and vinyl. We did decide on what to get, just going to get the cash together before we do it. So smart that Honey of mine :)

Looking forward to a "relaxing" dinner and some fun with my girls.

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