Friday, May 14, 2010

Day Two

Well. I didn't DO as much to day, but I got a lot done.

I went for an early swim, took the kids to school, them met my girl JP for coffee since DW was camping and then helped in Bubba's class. At 1130 I met another friend for lunch at the (not-so) new Olive Garden. Yes, we have OG here in my leetle corner of the world.

After a wonderfully adult lunch, including some fancy EIGHT dollar drinks (!!!) we went to Lowe's. I needed more re-decorating supplies. I had time to look closer at their curtain choices and I found something I think will work. We shall see. I picked up some ceiling paint (remember the boo-boo's from yesterday?) and the trim paint. Then I picked both the kids up from school/day care and then on to gymnastics.

We decided on a picnic dinner. We did these for a time last summer on Friday nights, they were a lot of fun. The kids would eat and then go play so My Honey and I got some adult time. Tonight it didn't quite work that way, it started to rain! We packed it up and headed to Lowe's. I didn't get the right paint, we needed a semi-gloss not a satin. Luckily it was only a quart. The trim is going to look very cool. It's white, but it will off-set the brownish color of the wall really well. We also needed some new box-type knives for cutting out the carpet. That is going to be such a dirty job! I cant wait to get this grungy stuff out of here! We looked at carpet tonight to see how much it was, just in case.

Once the kids were in bed I got antsy. The walls all needed a second coat of paint so I set to it. OOPS! I am going to need a third gallon of paint. But my walls look gorgeous! I still love the color.

We took all the small stuff, end tables, toys and crap like that out of the living room to be able to paint. It's kind of nice to not have anything in here. Wonder how to keep it minimalist? Just the essentials. My Honey likes it too. We shall see. Another thing I would like to do is spruce up the fireplace. Tile or something.

One thing at a time! get the painting and then the carpet done and see whats left. Budget and energy-wise!

Tomorrow's agenda? Goofing off :)

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