Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day Three

Another productive day! Got my new Mother's Day flowers planted and some other stuff in the yard cleaned up and weeded and re-arranged.

Worked a little tiny bit on laundry (there's still PLENTY more of that!) Took the kids to the Humane Society to drop off some plants to a friend. Of course we looked at the animals. They had some precious black kitties... No! No new animals today.

We hit the Costco, and then did take-two at the park for lunch. Last night's dinner was rained out, today's lunch? Big success until Bubba got a belly ache. Hopefully it's just a passing thing? We're supposed to head out of town soon.

Now, we're just sittin' chillin', waitin' for My Honey to get home from golfing. Miss I is playing Nintendo, Bubba is fast asleep. I think part of his belly ache is that he hasn't slept well the past week and he might be a tad dehydrated. The kid never drinks water. EVER.

I still need to get some more paint and dog food before this day is out.

Side note: My skin feels tingly from the sun. I love it!

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