Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's vacation time for me! YAY!

On tomorrow's agenda: massage, hair color, buy paint and get to work! I've been wanting to paint for a LONG time, and the time is finally here. I found a great color, tried it out a couple weeks ago, it received thumbs up, and it is going on the walls. The holes were filled and primed and now I'm ready!

Friday's agenda includes finishing painting, and maybe some yard work, it just depends. Saturday we should be able to wrap up the painting, and yard work. My Honey is going golfing, maybe we will buy a new pool(?)

Sunday we are getting out of dodge! I can't wait! Later in the week we are ripping up carpet.

I am hoping I spaced things out enough, I think so. The only thing I want to do is actually finish one of my projects - well, make that three. I want to get the painting done, take the hard-top off the Jeep and rip out the carpet. Pretty much in that order, with set up the pool thrown in if we can get to it.

Too much? I hope not!

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LSL said...

It sounds like a lot to accomplish, but I love getting so much stuff done! And your agenda for tomorrow sounds heavenly: massage and a hair color is about the best combination I can think of. You're going to feel great going into all that work. Good luck :)