Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day Eight

Paint, paint everywhere!

Nearly done. There are these two small sections in the kitchen that need to be done and that's it! (Well, except for the trim work.)

I am going back across town later to check on vinyl. The samples we brought home yesterday just didn't do it for us (me) so its back to square one.

Miss I and I did our random act of kindness this morning and ended up on a lunch date with a good friend afterwards. Not only that, we pulled off a fun surprise and helped out a precious relative in the process.

I did get up and go running with my girl JP this morning. We only got about 2.5 miles in, and part of that was walking, so we need to step it up for the triathlon in July. We're going swimming tomorrow morning. I still need to get on my bike! I am going to start riding to and from work on the weekends, that will help - well the ride home will! It's all up hill.

Plans for tonight? Sit and chill, maybe watch My Honey paint trim, maybe help him? Tomorrow Miss I is at day care all day so we should be able to get a LOT done around the house and maybe put some of the art on the walls and put up some shelves. Dinner at the Cave B Inn should round out the day really nice. Saturday and Sunday, not much planned at all. Our soccer game was re-scheduled to Friday but the end of the season pizza party is Saturday night. A little family time on Sunday and then back to the grind bright and early Monday morning.

What a great vacation.

Note to self: Vacation in May = good idea!

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