Monday, December 19, 2011


Whew! Now if I can just make it through Christmas.

We went to a family Christmas party on Saturday afternoon, a visit from step-family Saturday evening and had family spending the night Saturday night so it was a party-filled day. Sunday I expected more overnight guests, but a head-cold kept them home (sure missed you) but it worked out pretty good because an ear infection and secondary bacterial infection in her eyes is keeping Hannah down and out for today. Bring on the antibiotics.

The rest of this week is FULL. We have a tad bit more Christmas shopping to do. I have a short overtime shift on Tuesday and a 12 hour shift on Wednesday (and then I am off until next Tuesday yay!), we have a Christmas program to go to for the kids' church-thing Thursday night and, of course Christmas Eve and Christmas Day family activities; our family gift exchange, the in-laws gift exchange, my mom's gift exchange and a Christmas open house at my sister in laws. I'm kind of looking forward to having Thursday and Friday off to just be. It's my intention to get all the Christmas shopping done tomorrow and work on wrapping on .... Wednesday night? Yeah, that seems right, then I can kick-back on Thursday and Friday.

Unfortunately the kids are out of school, which is nice, but I'm not sure how to work in a walk each day. I did get some fresh air today tho when I went with Bubba and Grandpa to shoot his new .22.  I might have tried out several pistols and a .22 rifle too. It was pretty fun, I think we'll probably have to add an "ammo" line item to our budget.

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