Friday, December 02, 2011

A little Friday hockey

Practice this morning was a blast! We did a few one-on-one drills which was really fun and such useful stuff for games. For some reason I spent a fair amount of time on the ice (as in on my butt). Maybe my skates are dull. Maybe I was working really hard. Or maybe it was a dork-day. I will never know. But aside from all that it was a really great practice!

I worked with one of our youngest but really good skaters. She took it easy on me but pushed me just enough. I never felt like she was trying to out play me - which she most certainly can- and she has a real gentle spirit. Just what I needed today.

Our drills were great and so interactive with each other. Learning to take away the puck without getting a penalty, having someone skate alongside or behind you trying to get the puck. A lot of passing and a tad bit of shooting.

So how come I spent so much time on my ass? I really think my skates are a bit dull so I turned them in to get them sharpened and I think i was trying some new stuff, or trying to improve on what I can do so I was distracted, by learning and trying new stuff.

All in all I am not disappointed with practice at all. Not at all. AND let me tell you something else I have learned; I have learned that it's never gonna be right (perfect) the first time. I have realized how much practice really matters and that if you just stick with something you might actually kind of by accident get better or maybe even good at it.

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