Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday practice

We had a small crowd this morning which meant we didn't have much wait time in the lines for our drills which means we did a lot of skating!

Coach worked our back hand today, which might be like switch-hitting in baseball. It works the weak side. Makes your brain work a lot. I actually tried to turn my stick around to play it off the easy side, my forehand.

The challenge is the curve of the stick. When we are on our forehand the stick curves around the puck, on our backhand it is opposite so it takes a little more finesse and paying attention

My partner for the passing drills was one of our new players (whose name I know) so we were pretty evenly matched which was really nice. We passed for a long time, backhand to backhand, to get comfortable with it. Then did a skating drill where we ran the puck up the boards, evaded "the opposing team" (buckets) by hitting the puck into the boards off our backhand then passing it to the coach, he passes it back to us and then we hit it off the boards again and then we attempted a shot. It was a really good drill and used everything we learned, not only that it went fast since there were so few of us and we got to go through it a lot of times. Then we changed sides and did it off our forehand. Good stuff.

Great start to a fun-filled weekend.

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