Thursday, December 01, 2011

This guy (gal?) was very friendly.

On my walk I thought about:
How good it is to get some fresh air, I really need to make it a focus every day. Not just the walk from my car into work!
Work - blah, work.
My kids - oh they were trouble yesterday. Thankfully My Honey rescued me!
The dog - she is in heat, she didn't get to go on the walk today
Music - Nickelback has a new album out. Some of the lyrics make me giggle in an AC/DC kind of way
Orcharding - I'm not sure how to explain my connection to the trees around here, but there is one
My new phone - anyone know how I can upload photos onto my blog without having to connect it to the computer? (iPhone 4s)
Taking more pictures - I read something the other day about photography, how it can sometimes reveal something about you or whats going on inside .... These photos don't really speak much to me, or about me. They weren't actually what I would have photographed with my "good" camera; I would have taken a picture of the whole orchard and the bits that are being pruned. I would have taken a picture of the whole horse. And maybe a house.
Welcome, December. I am glad you arrived with mild temperatures.


The Loidhamer Family said...

I use an app called Blogpress to upload photos.

Rainey said...
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Rainey said...

I found a (free) blogspot app. Yay me!