Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Girls rule, boys drool

Monday night league was a lot of fun! It was all about playing. I liked putting the stuff I've learned together.

We had 10 on our team and decided to play drop-in style, which may be similar to a pick-up game of basketball; someone comes off the ice, yells a position and you skate out for that spot. It was a little unnerving since I don't play defense very often, and I've never played center, but it was all good practice.

The league is open to women and novice men. The coordinator thought she was short a few players so we had a few guys that were not novice playing too. I thought it was a really good mix. And I was really comfortable since half my team was ladies I play with on a regular basis.

Im not sure which team won. We didn't keep score (well, I didn't) but I will tell you I took several shots (and missed) and, the highlight of my night? I knocked one of those not-so-novice men down! It wasn't intentional, I think our feet and sticks got all tangled up, but still, everyone cheered because he went down and I was left standing and laughing!

Good times. I'm looking forward to lots more.

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