Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Santa's workshop was busy wrapping today. We still have a wee bit of shopping to do for the kids (like their "main/big" present) but otherwise I think we're done, and if they don't get a "big" gift its no big deal, they are getting plenty of other stuff.

It's such a struggle tho. What to get them, why to get it for them, is it about how much we spend or is it about getting them something they want or getting them something they need or .... Sometimes I wish it was more of a "you'll get what you need and you'll be thankful" kind of atmosphere. Where we didn't always just get them what they want because we can, but made them wait until Christmas or their birthday or until they helped earn it. You know? Maybe that could be a goal for 2012, make 'em wait. Ha! There's my 2012 Theme "Make 'Em Wait".  Hmmmm.

I will say since we have started to budget and talk more about the things we are buying and how we are spending our monies and including the kids in some of those conversations their wants have gone down considerably and instead of saying "I want XYZ" they actually ask for it which is very refreshing.
But, do you know what I mean? The stories our parents or grandparents tell about having to wait until Christmas for new shoes or socks. Having to wait until the crop was sold before they could get a new hat? (Most of us) have it so good. So easy. You want it, go get it. You need it, buy two just in case. Wait? HA! Why wait?  I've actually experienced some waiting this past year. Come to find out, I'm not good at it! I waited for a new phone (and I got that early because My Honey couldn't stand my whining) and right now I am waiting for new jeans. Have I mentioned how I have ruined two pair in the past few months? A few less trips to the snack box at work will fix that, but I don't like to wait for good food to cook in the microwave. Wait. So I am waiting until Christmas, I put jeans (with blingy pockets) on my list.
One 12 hour shift then off till next week.

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